A unique tongue drum with a deep and melodious sound

A percussion instrument inspired by the hang drum

The Beat Root a unique tongue drum with a deep and melodious sound

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Beat Root Acoustique

Acoustic Tongue Drum

An intuitive and captivating tongue drum ideal for those who do not have any musical knowledge and want to play right away.

Electro-Acoustic Tongue Drum

Electro-Acoustic Tongue Drum

Just as intuitive and captivating, the electro-acoustic Beat Root offers even more possibilities thanks to a built-in microphone and its 6.3 mm jack.


Treat yourself and get a multi-scale Beat Root!

Accessoire Beat Root

We also make limited edition Beat Root models with a unique design. Currently, we’re featuring the All Black options!

Multi Scale Tongue Drum

BEAT ROOT videos

BEAT ROOT family

From hip-hop to psychedelic music and rock, Beat Root has found its way into various musical projects. Come discover the artists who have used it in their music.

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