Acoustic Tongue Drum

black acoustic tongue drum
  • black acoustic tongue drum
  • black steel tongue drum
  • black tongue drum
  • black steel tongue drum

High-quality tongue drum, matte finish with a carbon effect stripe.

The instrument comes in two colors (white and black) as well as three scales (see videos).

The optional electro-acoustic version features a 6.3 mm jack to connect to an amp or effect pedal.



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Major Scale

Minor Scale

Pentatonic Scale

Made of a specific alloy chosen for its sonic properties, the Beat Root is shaped and cut using advanced technology.

Our hank drums (also called steel tongue drums or tank drums) are entirely covered with a matte, fade-resistant paint that is very nice to the touch. Each instrument is hand-decorated and hand-tuned to achieve a perfect finish and sound. The carbon effect stripe gives the instrument a unique and innovative design.

You can use your hands or mallets (included) to play the instrument. The acoustic Beat Root is ideal for intimate settings.

Anyone can play the Beat Root, thanks to its intuitive handling. No specific knowledge is necessary to start playing beautiful melodies. You’ll quickly find your way, whether you’re an experienced musician or beginner. The sound of the Beat Root may inspire and relax you, thereby helping you unleash your artistic creativity. It’s also an ideal instrument to create gentle waking-up music for both children and adults.

Manufactured in France, the acoustic Beat Root is the fruit of our expertise.

We hand-tune each Beat Root in our workshop in Besançon to guarantee the quality of each instrument.


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30 x 30 X 17 cm

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electro acoustic tongue drum

Electro-Acoustic Tongue Drum

The electro-acoustic Beat Root has all of the same features as the acoustic version but is equipped with a microphone (piezo) and a 6.3 mm jack so you can connect it to an amp (guitar or bass), an effect pedal, a loop pedal, sound card or other accessories.

The electro-acoustic Beat Root is ideal for those who want to use effects to enhance its sound or integrate it into their own music.



The electro-acoustic Beat Root’s versatility allows for perfect recordings, musical experimentation or simply playing in a band.

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Multiscale Tongue Drum

Multiscale Tongue Drum

The Multi-scale Beat Root features the same caracteristics as the electro-acoustic version (equipped with a piezzo microphone and a 6.3 mm jack so you can connect it to an amp, an effect pedal, a loop pedal, sound card) but most of all it provides a great tuning system which turns your instrument into a 6 scales tongue drum!

The tunable tongue drum Beat Root is perfect for those who want to experience different scales with their tongue drum (Major, Minor, Pentatonic etc…), to play in varied musical contexts or to make awesome recordings!

The Multi-scale electro-acoustic Beat Root’s huge range of sounds allows you even more musical experimentations, playing alone or with a band.





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Price €448.00
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