The multi scale Beat Root tongue drum has eight slats that are tuned by hand and can play 6 different scales.

The Happy scale for a positive vision of lifeG C D E G A B D

The Happy scale is the original scale of the Beat Root Multi-scale tongue drum, it does not require any magnet.
This is a scale in G Major whose sounds inspire feelings of joy and well-being, an opening to the world and a positive vision of life.
It is an intuitive scale and easy to use, ideal for the grip of the instrument.

The Zen scale for introspective times​G C D​ Eb ​G A ​Bb ​D

This is our favorite scale!
The Zen scale is a G Minor scale, perfectly adapted to a relaxing use of the instrument.
It requires two magnets (one against the green pellet, one against the yellow pellet).
It is a rather introspective scale, capable of generating a deep feeling of inner peace.
Its simple and natural beauty and its oriental color make it a very valuable scale for musical creation.

The Tribal scale for exotic and energizing atmosphereG ​B​ D E G A B D

The Tribal scale is a Major Pentatonic scale requiring two magnets (against the red pellet).
It will transport you instantly in an exotic and energizing atmosphere!
Let yourself be guided: you will be surprised by the catchy rhythms that this scale will bring out in you!

The Melancholia scale for sweet melancholy​G C D ​Eb ​G A ​Bb C​

The Melancholia scale is a complex and introspective minor scale that allows you to create beautiful melodies tinged with a sweet melancholy.
It requires three magnets (one against the green pellet, one against the yellow and one against the blue). Used in a meditative setting or to accompany singing, guitar or piano, this scale makes communize the energies of the earth and the sky.

The Space scale for celestial journeys​G ​B ​D ​Eb ​G A B D

The Space scale is an invitation to celestial journeys!
It requires 3 magnets (two against the red pellet and one against the green pellet) and allows to create unique soundscapes, very pictorial and cinematographic.
Explore the cosmos, navigate the confines of the universe and let your creative energy flow!

The Nature scale for a deep breath of fresh airG C D E G A ​Bb C​

The Nature scale is another major, pure and contemplative scale that requires two magnets (one against the yellow pellet, one against the blue pellet).
It will evoke sometimes the calm and the strength of a forest populated with centenarians trees, sometimes the comforting sweetness and full of life of a river peacefully tracing its way in a green nature.