Thanks to an ingenious magnet system, ​multi-scale​ Beat Root allows you to obtain six different tunings from a single instrument for a wide variety of sounds.
To change tuning, please follow the diagram inside the Beat Root.
For each scale you will find an illustration describing how many magnets you’ll have to place against their corresponding colored stickers.
For example, the ​Zen​ scale requires two magnets: you will have to place the first magnet against the green sticker and the second one against the yellow sticker.

multi scale tongue drum happy

Detailed notes for each scale:

Happy ​: G. C. D. E. G. A. B. D. (Major scale)
Zen ​: G. C. D. Eb. ​G. A. ​Bb. ​D. (Minorscale)
Tribal :​ G. B. D. E. G. A. B. D. (Pentatonic Scale) ​
Melancholia​ : G. C. D. ​Eb. ​G. A. ​Bb.  C.
Space ​: G. ​B.​ D. ​Eb.​ G. A. B. D.
Nature :​ G. C. D. E. G. A. ​Bb. C

Remarks: Handle magnets with care for those are powerful and could damage the paint by hitting hard the instrument. It is also recommended not to leave the magnets near electronic devices or magnetical cards.